Putting pedal to metal – Windows Developer

How fast is fast? Knuckle-whiteningly, eyes-closingly, bum-clenchingly fast. And then some.

Getting your app into the Windows store is pretty crucial if you want people to discover and use it. So when Microsoft Windows Developer asked us to demonstrate the speed at which existing apps could be converted and brought to the Windows Store via Desktop Bridge, we knew we needed to fire on all cylinders. First off, we needed to find something that really embodied the idea of a superfast machine, and then find a way to race it against an app. Easy.

846% increase of website visits vs daily average

8% engagement rate vs 2% industry average


What better way than man-and-machine versus, well, man-and-a-different-machine? We filmed a real-life race car driver tearing around a road course at over 160mph. Using a specially designed laptop rig, we showed his passenger, a developer, converting and uploading his app to the Windows Store while the car zoomed over hills and curves. Putting developers in the front seat resulted in a genuine, yet thrilling, video that appealed to our audience in ways that didn’t feel too sales-y or promotional.

We targeted developers on social media via paid campaigns and served up additional creative content. The campaign racked up a quarter of a million engagements across social media, and more importantly, the campaign drove (pun intended) 601% increase in brand mention vs. weekly average. By showing a peer in action, we excited and engaged our audience in a way that paid great dividends for Microsoft Windows Developer and Desktop Bridge.

Completion rate 60% above industry standard

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