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Getting consumer hearts racing with TomTom

Getting hearts racing about cardio training

For the launch of their first fitness product, the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch, TomTom wanted to position themselves as a credible sports brand, underpinned by their world-class navigation and mapping technologies.
It was imperative for us to excite the journalists at the press launch of the product to ensure lots of positive coverage for the brand. No mean feat, as we were aware from talking with our contacts that most journalists don’t enjoy the press events they have to attend, as they’re usually pretty boring. With this in mind, we created an event that was 70% experience and 30% education.

Reviewers’ hearts were racing before they even arrived

220% increase in product pre-orders

Journalists were met by a fake PR representative and given a Runner Cardio watch to wear. They were then taken through a series of interventions on route: being chased by protestors; guided by Nordic walkers; challenged to a bowl-off; ending with a disco spin class led by Olympian Victoria Pendleton.
After all the drama, the journalists were led into a specially-created demo space where they could sync their Runner Cardio Watches with laptops and tablets to see how their heart rate has responded to the different sections of the performance.

This journey was repeated 11 times, with 70 journalists, over 2 hours, involving 40 actors, 22 cars, 7 venues and 5 Heart Rate Training Zones. Reactions from journalists were immediate, going online to tell their heart racing stories via the event hashtag. Afterwards, based entirely on the impact of the PR launch, TomTom saw its highest number of pre-orders ever, up 220% on previous product launches.

Highest number of pre-orders to date

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