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Text100 and IBM – Celebrating 17 years

We've worked together to create some incredible campaigns

A generation ago, IBM had a vision to consolidate their network of more than 60 agencies, and a group of Texties from around the world came together to meet the challenge.


From On Demand, to Smarter Planet, to IBM Watson, we’ve worked together to shape iconic campaigns, lead the technology industry agenda and change the world. Our work has taken us from the USA to Australia, Mumbai to Munich, and many other places in between. We’ve been privileged to take part in some of IBM’s most significant changes as a business.


Hundreds of talented communicators from Text100 have worked on behalf of IBM over the years, bringing an incredible body of expertise to bear on their behalf. The impact of that effort is felt in the relationships with IBMers around the world, and in the inspiring work we have done together.

“The impact is felt in relationships around the world”

IBM Watson on Jeopardy

IBM Watson: from game show champion to game changer

And the final Jeopardy! answer is: What is an industry-changing AI platform?

We showcased Watson’s shift from game show champion to game changer, illustrating how Watson transforms industries and opens the imagination of customers.

We made sure Watson was everywhere, with campaigns showing Watson learning Japanese and creating dresses for the Metropolitan Gala, learning to cook with the Chef Watson cookbook and Bon Appetit app, helping holiday shoppers with trending gift ideas, and expanding the Watson Internet of Things via The Weather Company.

The impact of IBM Watson is about more than worldwide visibility and growing IBM’s business; it’s about the ways Watson can enhance the quality of our lives. Our work in developing and delivering the Outthink Melanoma campaign brought this message home. The campaign brought Watson to sun-worshippers in Sydney where they could be scanned and analyzed for melanoma threats. Using age, gender and UV images to check sunscreen coverage, Watson was able to identify those most at risk, who were then sent for further analysis by an on-site skin specialist.

Working to change lives

More than 8 billion earned media impressions

The impact was immense. More than 4,000 hits and eight billion earned media impressions. Watson became the leading brand in AI and, most importantly, IBM Watson’s revenue continued to grow rapidly, driving the transformation of the company and the dawn of the Cognitive Era.

IBM Smarter Planet logo

Dawn of a Smarter Planet

In late 2008, IBM’s then Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano delivered a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations outlining a new agenda for building a Smarter Planet.
Palmisano highlighted how the world’s systems and industries were becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, providing leaders with an opportunity to take ecosystems to levels of efficiency and value never before imagined. We helped craft and share this Smarter Planet story in industries like healthcare and transportation, and in specific initiatives such as commerce and analytics.

We turned the Smarter Planet campaign into an industry phenomenon. There was certainly no shortage of content to draw on, given the company’s huge range of products.
The challenge became how to use it all effectively to best showcase IBM’s Smarter Planet vision.
Since the vision was so closely tied to industry change, we highlighted transformation through customer stories, influencer engagement and advocacy, executive experts and multimedia campaigns.

An industry phenomenon

Into a new era

We held hundreds of influencer events around key topics in key cities and guaranteed media coverage around the world. We helped develop a digital strategy to extend Smarter Planet with digital assets and platforms.

IBM Cost of a Data Breach

IBM Security: Integrating Security Leadership

Our work with IBM expanded to focus on the most critical business issues of our time: Cybersecurity and data privacy. Partnering with the Ponemon Institute, the company explored the impact of hacking and cyber-crime to develop the IBM Cost of Data Breach Study.
Exploring the implications and effects of data breaches on today’s businesses, the report positioned IBM as a global thought leader by outlining critical measures all digital businesses needed to take: Creating an incident response team, participating in threat sharing, and employee training were the top ways to help reduce the cost of a data breach.

We generated strong media coverage for the report’s findings, with articles appearing in top outlets such as Fortune, Politico, WSJ Pro Cybersecurity, Bloomberg, International Business Times and many more.
Our Creative Technology team built a Cost of a data breach calculator to help people understand the implications of cyber-crime, and helping them chat directly with IBM’s Security teams.

Calculating Impact

Ready for GDPR

We developed a Guide to GDPR Readiness tool to help people understand what’s necessary in preparation for GDPR, and to learn which IBM Security solutions can help. Using responses to a list of questions, the tool builds a customized Guide to GDPR Readiness Report that highlights which IBM products can address holes in the user’s GDPR preparedness. Launched in late 2017, the tool features more than 30 different IBM products.

In celebration of a remarkable 17 years

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