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Six weeks to success with Tata Communications

A whole new world(-wide website) for one of the largest telecoms service providers in the world, in six weeks? Easy.

Tata Communications’ website was a mess: Jargon-heavy, hard to navigate and frustrating for users. Not a good look for one of the world’s largest telecommunications services providers, and one that was affecting sales.
So they turned to us for a complete overhaul. The new website needed to drive traffic, increase engagement and generate leads now and as the company continued to grow and change in the future. With the company’s annual expo only six weeks away, the clock was ticking.

Key messages weren’t getting through, ultimately affecting sales

A high quality, secure, and user-friendly experience every time

We worked with Tata’s SEO and Strategy agency to refine and clarify the information on offer, cut out the jargon and generally make it easier for people to find what they needed. We built a flexible, dynamic platform that could grow as needed, that looked (and worked) as good on mobile as it did on desktop, and could track, manage and convert leads as smoothly as possible. We also humanised their products by emphasizing the benefits, not just the features, with a new ‘Customer Stories’ section to house case studies and testimonials.

In six short weeks we turned around a project that would typically take at least 12, thanks to experience, efficient workflows, a great client and dedicated resources. We halved the time but multiplied the results. Realigning the site to target potential customers led to an increase of more than 160% in conversion rates during the first two weeks’ post launch.
The increase in traffic landing directly on Cloud pages demonstrates the value of SEO and keywords, while increased session duration highlights the value of clear and compelling copy at each stage of their journey.
Tata Communications’ website has gone from frustrating and confusing to essential sales tool. It’s now a source of pride for the global company, connecting businesses worldwide.

97% increase in lead generation, 160% increase in conversion rates

Let’s make something wonderful