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Helping SolarWinds to produce interactive content

IT Management Solution Provider, SolarWinds, regularly produces reports based on survey data and while the surveys are robust and global in reach, gathering valuable insights for the IT industry from IT professionals around the world, in the past the content was fairly static, often living in powerpoint presentations and PDF documents.


We wanted to elevate the content by creating an interactive destination that would broaden reach, increase engagement, generate increased coverage and include social amplification elements. After examining and re-imagining the content, the team devised an overarching campaign that consisted of content and activations around the theme of Hybrid IT.

An interactive site and infographics extended reach and increased engagement

The results included an interactive site and infographics to show off what SolarWinds is capable of, and a media outreach campaign that generated over 33 million impressions internationally.

SolarWinds already had great content, we helped them to show it off and reach more people.

Media outreach generated over 33 million impressions internationally

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