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Connecting the past and future of manufacturing with Cisco

Enabling the future of the manufacturing industry with Cisco

With the world-leading industrial trade show in Hannover approaching, Cisco asked us to increase their profile in the EMEA manufacturing sector. This required more than simply getting attendees to visit a stand. Cisco needed to ensure its voice was clear, relevant, showed understanding of its audience and cut through the trade show noise.

Breaking into a new industry through social

550 pre-event registrations, 1,500 new lead contacts

We created a social media content program that would simultaneously announce Cisco’s presence at the event, position it as a thought-leader in the industry and spark interest in upcoming product demos.

Creative execution themes of “The Past & Future of Manufacturing” and “Enabling Secure Evolution” created a compelling social story, aided by visual assets designed to stand out and make viewers stop scrolling and discover Cisco. Thought-leadership blogs and a dedicated event microsite helped generate sales leads.

By the end of the event we had achieved more than 5,000,000 impressions, 7,000 social engagements, over 550 pre-event registrations, and more than 20,000 visitors to the booth.

Supporting business targets, our thought-leadership positioning and social campaign contributed to the 170 one-to-one business meetings secured and 1,500 new lead contacts generated at the event.

Social media and digital content campaign helped Cisco exceed business targets

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