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Social storytelling with Microsoft Lumia

Social Storytelling

With content in social constantly changing, how could Lumia keep up whilst also staying relevant to its audience? Through an always on content strategy. Based on social listening and community management, we picked the top features of Windows 10 on Lumia that the Lumia community loved most. Each week we picked one of these features and turned it into an engaging story for the audience.


The format was a mix of animated videos, GIFs, and gamified content. We did them in a way that Lumia hadn’t done before — through animation. We also created one of the first split tile video executions on Instagram. This is a great example of how to use a social platform’s features in a new and innovative way, whilst also staying true to a brand’s personality and tone of voice.

A mix of animated videos, GIFs, and gamified content

This was a completely organic campaign which resulted in Facebook impressions increasing by an average of 55% across all market channels, with engagements increasing by a further 10%. Twitter shares increased by over 100%, with the top piece of content performing over 222% above everything else.


By researching what a social community really loves about the Lumia devices, and using a platform’s features in innovative ways, Lumia were able to breathe new life into its social channels.

Lumia were able to breathe new life into their social channels

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