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Maruti Suzuki India

Blazing the trail with Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, the country’s largest automaker, was keen to shift its market position from an affordable, reliable mass brand to a dynamic, aspirational automaker making technologically advanced products, with a heavy accent on safety, style and innovation.


The key priority for Text100 was to appeal to a younger, and more dynamic audience, as well as highlight the company’s ambitious corporate vision.


Using the twin pillars of compelling content and sharp story-telling, the Maruti Suzuki communications campaign profiled the company’s technological expertise, 30-year legacy and strength of management team interspersed with its famed motorsport rallies to positively influence, excite and interest audiences in the new avatar of Maruti Suzuki 2.0 — India’s favorite car brand, only bigger, better and bolder.

The priority was to appeal to a younger and more dynamic audience

Sharp story-telling and targeted channels enabled Maruti to take a significant step towards becoming a more youthful, dynamic and sustainable automaker.

Sharp story-telling helped the client to achieve their goal

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