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Travel Hacker brings data to life

Kayak wanted to explore new territory with their yearly travel data – going beyond the annual blog post to position themselves as the preeminent online travel planning tool.


Backed by more than one billion annual search queries, Kayak certainly had the data and Text100 certainly had the idea. Taking the annual data-driven travel guide we transformed it into an interactive dashboard that allowed both travelers and media to easily peruse valuable travel data and make smarter travel decisions in 2015.

Kayak’s unique approach to data transformed travel planning, capturing the attention of the New York Times, Mashable and Conde Nast Traveler

To launch the effort, we devised a comprehensive media relations and social media strategy that included securing an exclusive story in the New York Times travel section and engaging with social/digital influencers.


As a result of the program’s great success, Kayak went on to create a German, summer and holiday version of the Travel Hacker and has plans to continue the effort moving forward.

These efforts led to extensive media coverage including Conde Nast Traveler, Mashable, and USA Today with a total of 304,864,942 media impressions

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