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Journey of Sound

The HARMAN Journey of Sound campaign centered on a musical press road trip that followed the story of The Beatles, whilst showcasing the HARMAN JBL audio system in the Ferrari FF. The campaign reached an audience of more than 20.5 million online and offline readers and almost 15 million additional users on social media, ultimately positioning HARMAN as the world’s market leader in connected car and audio solutions in an engaging and innovative way.


HARMAN’s audio business is wide-ranging and diverse so Text100 sought to create an integrated strategy to tell the whole HARMAN audio story. To position HARMAN’s JBL and JBL Pro brands as a leaders in the audio industry, Text100 developed the Journey of Sound, an integrated communications campaign combining music, the iconic Ferrari sports car brand, premium audio technology and historical elements of The Beatles for a ground-breaking sound experience.

Combining groundbreaking sound technology with an iconic Ferrari sports car

Traveling in a Ferrari FFs equipped with HARMAN audio, 14 top tier lifestyle journalists and bloggers from Germany, UK, France and Italy were treated to live performances from Kate Nash, Jamie N Commons and others in JBL Professional-equipped music venues.


The offline experience was supported by a broad range of digital assets including a microsite and direct mail campaigns for the invitation process, extensive amplification on social media and an event blog that served as a content hub to foster curiosity, continued interest and engagement before, during and after the event. With all activities aiming to extend the reach of the campaign.


With a strong media relations strategy at the core, HARMAN saw all key messages communicated throughout the event and reflected in the coverage. HARMAN was able to reaffirm its position as the world’s market leader in connected car and audio solutions in an engaging and innovative way. Finally the campaign supported HARMAN’s goals of promoting the JBL system as a key differentiator of the Ferrari FF.

More than 20.5m readers plus almost 15m users on social media.

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