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The Art of More Inclusive with First Choice

Helping First Choice remain, well, first choice when it comes to all-inclusive holidays

There’s a lot more to all-inclusive holidays than the stereotype of boozey Brits abroad eating cheap food and fighting over sun loungers, but that’s the image that First Choice kept finding themselves up against.
As our insights found a growing interest increased and market for all-inclusive holidays, it was our challenge to find a way to remind holidaymakers that there was so much more to this kind of holiday and, ultimately, increase bookings through First Choice.
Our solution was a simple platform: ‘More Inclusive’ to remind potential customers that there’s more to the all-inclusive experience.

Shaking things up

Keeping things interesting

Our research found a wealth of things that help holidaymakers get more out of key destinations on offer by First Choice. We divided them into three main areas: Activities, Culture and Relaxation, to provide inspiration to people looking for their next getaway.
To allow this content to really shine, we knew we have to change the way it was presented, so we designed the platform to feel like an app rather than a traditional website.
We wanted to make sure that the experience of using the tool was responsive and clear, so users could easily navigate through the categories and many options available.
As part of this, we ditched the traditional complex user journey in favour of a more linear and sequential browsing experience. (That’s technical-speak for “we made it more interesting to use”.)
For example, the first time you visit the More Inclusive guide, the app tracks the content you read and interact with, so next time you visit you’ll see something different, but related.

We made sure that the app has many different ways for First Choice to present content: Timelines, step by step guides, map content, and quizzes all add varied and engaging ways for users to discover more.
The app also detects the weather in the reader’s location (via some useful behind-the-scenes technical stuff) in order to serve up different content. For example, First Choice can create a series of headlines that will show, depending on the weather.
Escape the rain in Manchester this morning with these incredible beach destinations!”
As the main aim of the guide is to increase sales with First Choice, each piece of content features a unique call-to-action to drive users to book their holiday though the First Choice website.
Of course, all content can easily be shared across social channels, because if you can’t show off the brilliant holiday you’ve just booked to your friends Facebook and Twitter, what’s the point?

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