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Raising the profile of politics – Facebook

Raising the profile of politics with Facebook

There’s nothing politicians like more than a bit of profile so with the 2015 Spanish General Elections looming our Spanish team set to work to showcase Facebook as the new way to connect and engage.


With the right mix of education and inspiration, our team got alongside journalists, politicians and the general public to position Facebook as the place to source voting trends, share common interests and access content from parties and leaders.

Text100’s Spanish team raised political profile with a campaign worth posting about

We offered continuous updates on which candidates and parties generated the most online conversation and developed a daily newsletter for political press containing the most important posts and content. One of the campaign’s key moments was the first ever Facebook Political meeting screened in Plaza de Callao using Facebook live and other tools enabling audiences to interact directly with their political leaders both in the Square and remotely.


Garnering more than 200 press impacts, the creative communication campaign generated 16 audio-visual press pieces, including interactive videos, infographics and interviews.

Shortlisted for an EMEA SABRE award in the Web Based Business category

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