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Beefing up cybersecurity with IBM

As a global cybersecurity leader, IBM needed more than any old office as a fitting base of operations. Once their $200 million-dollar investment in incident response was complete, they turned to us. We curated an event experience to showcase IBM’s cybersecurity expertise and capabilities, and to introduce IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS).

We used this opportunity to announce research illustrating the current lack of industry preparedness when responding to cyber incidents.

Positioning IBM as the cybersecurity authority

Non-stop real-time global analysis

When the WannaCry cyberattack hit, costing billions of dollars in damages, IBM Security had something to say about it and needed to act quickly. Our rapid response strategy allowed IBM to provide meaningful commentary and add insight to the discussion. We helped cut through the industry panic so they could offer real-world, actionable advice.
Throughout the outbreak we provided comprehensive news monitoring to IBM Security, keeping them in the loop and ahead of the curve. We offered the crisis team strategic counsel and ensured the media treated them as an authority on such a critical topic. Our efforts secured more than 200 pieces of coverage in top media outlets around the world.

General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) is a huge piece of legislation that affects all global businesses in complex and confusing ways. IBM has plenty of different tools and products that can help businesses deal with these changes. In fact, they have so many that clients didn’t know which they’d need. That’s where we came in.
We developed the Guide to GDPR Readiness, a web-based tool that explained the necessary steps for different business types, and how IBM Security could help. Using a series of multiple-choice questions, the tool builds a personalised report that recommends the correct IBM Security products for your unique business needs. Paid search and social tactics all fed into the tool to generate high-quality leads for IBM Security’s GDPR offerings.

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