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The dawn of cognitive computing with IBM Watson

Welcoming the dawn of the cognitive era

Ever since IBM’s Watson AI computer system competed on Jeopardy!, IBM needed to illustrate just how pervasive Watson had become. The company asked Text100 to strategically showcase Watson’s shift from game show champion to AI game changer.


To advance the storyline in the form of Watson Innovations, the team conducted full campaigns that related to Watson learning Japanese, IBM API advancements (enhancing capabilities in speech, language and vision), Watson gaining the ability to “see” (Merge Healthcare acquisition) and getting smarter with advanced machine learning capabilities (AlchemyAPI acquisition), Watson moving from question and answer to discovery (Chef Watson cookbook and Bon Appetit app) and more.

Increasing awareness of IBM Watson’s learning capabilities

Total results for the storylines around Watson innovations were over 1,500 pieces of coverage and 2.7 billion earned media impressions; Watson in action news garnered nearly 900 pieces of coverage and 1.9 billion earned media impressions, and finally total results for Watson business expansion were over 1,300 pieces of coverage and 3.5 billion earned media impressions.

Totalling over 8 billion earned media impressions

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