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Building a brand for the future with Syncsort

What do you do when your business outgrows your original brand?

A series of acquisitions made Syncsort a business to be reckoned with but left it with a disjointed selection of products. We were tasked with refreshing the brand, bringing together all the separate aspects and creating a strong foundation to build on for the future. But before we could do any of that, we knew we had to find the essence of Syncsort’s business and redefine the brand’s purpose. Sounds strange, but if you can’t explain quickly and easily what your brand does, you can’t sell it to your customers.

Finding the brand’s purpose

Finding order in rapid growth

After defining its purpose, we rebuilt the overall brand with personality and a narrative that could bring all of Syncsort’s products together. The new narrative would explain what Syncsort stands for, how it’s different to competitors, and why that matters – all in a way that is meaningful to both customers and employees.
We brought all of Syncsort’s various products into four gateway brands, building everything into a logical, forward-looking structure that’s flexible enough for Syncsort to add new brands or discontinue established products.

Once we had a purpose and narrative we set about creating a whole new look, sound and feel to convey the new personality, from a new logo and colour scheme, to entirely rewritten brand voice guidelines.
We worked closely with the client to build a completely redesigned website that would stand apart from competitors, tie together and communicate all aspects of the brand clearly, and leave room for future expansion by in-house developers.

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