Bringing Data To Life with Egon Zehnder

We helped Egon Zehnder, an executive headhunter, present the findings of the world’s biggest study into the diversity of the boardroom; a topic dear to our hearts.
By creating a Data Visualisation Tool that allowed the user to see the findings in an engaging and interesting way, and offering suggestions on how to improve the situation in the future, we helped raise awareness and drive conversation around the important subject of diversity in the boardroom.

Our visualiser tool allowed users to find meaning in large amounts of data

The result of a 12-year study, Egon Zehnder’s Global Board Diversity Analysis deserved as much attention and discussion as possible, as it highlighted the shocking lack of diversity in boardrooms around the world. With coverage in high-level publications from Fortune to Forbes, as well as International Business Times, we ensured these finding were seen by as many people as possible, in an engaging and useful way via our data visualiser. This, along with discussion points and suggestions for innovations to speed up the move toward gender parity, has helped seed the right questions in the right minds.

Driving conversation worldwide, we created a roadmap to a more equal future

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