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No more ‘bloke Coke’ with Coca-Cola

We worked with Coca-Cola Great Britain to launch the new recipe Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to drive trial and sales over the Summer of 2016

Originally launched 10 years earlier, consumer research showed a lack of knowledge of Coke Zero’s sugar-free recipe, so it was time for the brand to launch its new recipe and new look. Central to all comms was delivering the key message – ‘tastes more like Coke and looks more like Coke’ to position it as the perfect no-sugar alternative to Coca-Cola Classic.

100% positive coverage

247 pieces of coverage including 47 broadcast

With a brief to deliver the ‘taste’ message and a relaunch story, we needed a robust media approach that would cut through a busy media environment. As a result we chose to use a known Coca-Cola Classic superfan – Rita Ora – to deliver the narrative in an authentic and attention-grabbing way.

Another essential component of our approach was creating an opportunity for media and fellow Coke Classic fans to sample the great taste for themselves. We created the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Taste Lounge, a consumer experience launched by Rita Ora and specially designed as the perfect setting in which to enjoy the new drink. The Taste Lounge featured a stunning halo-effect bar – a show-stopping centrepiece aimed at adding an element of theatre as guests enjoyed their first taste.

Despite a challenging media climate, our campaign generated nothing but positive responses from the media, with over 247 pieces of coverage, 47 of which were broadcast pieces. The online response was equally impressive, with launch day social posts generating a reach in excess of 4.8m.

Launch day social reach of 4.8m

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