Delivering a bigger slice of the action with Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

Pizza Hut Restaurants began a journey to modernise their brand and dining experience to win the love of the millennial audience. We’ve been honoured to help them along the way.

Pizza Hut Restaurants have been champions of innovation since 1958. They were the first to stuff a crust, and the first to offer free salad. With this in mind, we created the first ever menu where your mind does the choosing without you even realising: Pizza Hut Restaurants’ Subconscious Menu.
In partnership with eye-tracking experts in Sweden, we created a menu app that worked out your preference by watching where your eyes look when presented with a selection of delicious topping ingredients.

Let your subconscious choose

30% sales growth during the campaign

Alongside a consumer-friendly ‘how to’ video, shareable video content and expert opinion from a consumer , we arranged hands-on demonstrations of the pioneering technology to reporters ahead of its official announcement. We secured strong coverage both nationally and internationally, including a five minute TV feature on globally-renowned The Colbert Report among wider US pick-up. The idea delivered 30% sales growth during the campaign for Pizza Hut Restaurants UK, resulting in the idea being trialled in the US.

As the August Bank Holiday is known for musical events, we created the world’s first playable pizza box DJ decks in partnership with Novalia.
Customers unfolded their pizza box to reveal a paper insert modelled on a modern DJ set up. Using conductive ink, music and pizza fans could mix, scratch and release their inner DJ just by tapping and sliding their fingers over the controls. We partnered with grime royalty P Money to show off the playable pizza box’s new musical capabilities.

The world’s first playable pizza box

Combined circulation over 1.2 billion worldwide

The DJ Decks were an international hit, gaining coverage in 189 media titles, including UNILAD, DigitalSpy, Mixmag and Billboard magazine with a combined circulation of 1,289,593,638. The decks even featured on BBC Radio 6 and even a broadcast piece on US show CNBC and a request for a set from the rap impresario and Def Jam Founder, Russell Simmons.

It’s the early 90s. You’ve just finished watching ‘Robot Wars’ and decide to go to Pizza Hut. Are you conjuring up images of bland interiors, a lonely salad bar and the all-you-can-eat Ice Cream Factory?
Fast-forward to current times as Pizza Hut Restaurants gave a face-lift to 217 Huts across the country, purging those drab interiors to give way to a bold new look.
But there’s no point having great new restaurants if no-one knows about it, so we adopted an integrated approach across corporate, consumer and digital PR to drive footfall locally and deliver national news generation via a creative press office.

Sales growth of 35%

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