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Gaming is good for you with AOC

Gamers, who often spend long periods of time in front of screens, are used to being told it’s bad for their health. The message is so overplayed to an uninterested audience, that it no longer resonates in the minds of gamers. To cut through the noise and to position high-quality monitor and display manufacturer AOC on the side of gamers, we turned this advice on its head.

AOC confirmed itself as a pro-gaming, socially responsible brand

AOC sponsors gaming convention Let’s Play, held in Rome, which was a perfect opportunity to spread the good word about gaming. We developed an educational campaign that was delivered through a guide entitled “The Benefits of Video Gaming” which highlighted the benefits for mind and brain that video gaming offers if used responsibly.
The Guide, printed in a leaflet and distributed during the festival also underlined the assertion that a high-quality screen (such as an AOC product, of course) was beneficial to the wellbeing of gamers.

Featured in more than 20 articles, including national media and magazines dedicated to health

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