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Influencer marketing: Questions brands need to ask

Influencer marketing is a key component for some brands, but it isn’t a magic wand – how do you know if it’s right for your brand or business?

Influencer marketing is a key component for some brands, but it isn’t a magic wand – how do you know if it’s right for your brand or business?

84% of marketers plan on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign in the next year. Influencer marketing is a key component for some brands, complementing their wider marketing mix. It isn’t a magic wand however; one size does not fit all.

So how do you know if influencer marketing is right for your brand or business? Consider these five principles before starting an influencer programme:

  1. Do you know your audience?

Take some time to think like your target audience. Know who they are. Know where they are, both online and offline. Most importantly, have a good solid understanding of who your brand’s target audience is. To find the ideal influencer you need to take the research further: think about the topics, sites, and social media platforms that your audience would be interested in.


Because what you’ll get in return is exposure to the right kind of consumer: one who is already interested and will likely pay attention.

  1. Who can tell your story in the best way?

This is the most important characteristic when choosing the right influencer – they need to be an extension of your brand.

The importance of “reach” is subjective. It’s natural to want them to tell as many people as possible, but are they telling the right people? And is the content they are sharing having an impact?  Someone with 100 followers can still be influential if they are talking to the right target audience.

As we said in our SMW influencer event, it’s wise to consider depth of knowledge, not just the breadth of audience. If your chosen influencer knows what they’re talking about, they will have much more sway with the target audience.

  1. Are you ready for a relationship?

Does your business have any messages or storylines that would be more powerful coming from third-party experts?  Do you have something really worthwhile to give or experience? Check that your pitch to the influencer is good for both parties. The key to forming a great partnership is understanding that this is a two way street; For true success there can be no one night stands – this is a relationship.

  1. How integrated are you?

Having found a set of influencers is all well and good, but how  do they line up with your marketing mix as a whole? Will your PR team shout about the work? Have you drawn up a content calendar for social channels to amplify any content? All of these things are important – Influencer marketing must be as fully integrated as any other aspect of the campaign.

  1. Do you know the rules?

Influencer marketing means contractual obligations and tighter expectations to ensure both influencers’ rights and advertisers’ needs. Be sure to know the rules before planning.

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