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FoM18: 5 things you need to know

Day 1 of the Festival of Marketing, and we had the daunting task of being Louis Theroux’s warm up act…

Day 1 of the Festival of Marketing, and we had the daunting task of being Louis Theroux’s warm up act…

Our Global Creative Director Richard Parkinson, Lucy Reynolds (Vodafone UK), and Stephan Croix (Pizza Hut Europe), took to the stage to explain their approach to marketing which whilst simple at its heart, the industry and some brands in particular, are guilty of neglecting.

Use technology to connect with people. 

If you missed it, don’t worry we’ve got you covered:

#1 Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes.

Remember that they hold the key to your business issues and challenges, and by focussing on them you’ll strip away the distant, cold, corporate image that consumers dread. Brands won’t get anywhere if they fail to put their audiences’ wants, needs and values at the heart of everything they do.

How do you do this? Align your strategy with your words and actions.

  • Act human in your corporate behaviour, from the most senior executives down.
  • Sound human in how you speak: Ordinary people don’t speak jargon, so cut it out of your communications.
  • Look human in your approach to visual storytelling.

Ask yourself:

  • Why was your business created?
  • Do you speak the way your audience speaks?
  • Does your external marketing match up internally?

#2 The robots aren’t coming

There is no tipping point between technology and people. It has always existed to meet our needs and this relationship will remain so. Vodafone have a bot called TOBi, and as Lucy put it “Could he take all our calls? Yes. Do we want him to? No. Behind every bot, are several great people making it happen”.

#3 The secret to Vodafone Dreamlab?

As a technology company, it’s very easy to focus on the tech. For the Dreamlab campaign we flipped that on its head and focused on the person using the app. Who would turn down curing cancer? It’s that human truth – we all want to live a long, healthy, happy life that galvanises people to download and use the app. We all want to feel like a hero.

#4 Technology for technology’s sake is a flawed approach

Why? Because technology is a means to an end. It can help us learn and inform our decisions but we should use it to reach our business goals. When people say “It’s this much data and this much download speed”, what we really want to know is how quickly can I download my boxset, or how much quicker and easier can I get my pizza.

#5 How do you persuade your boss that this approach is right?

Every business exists for a reason, to solve a certain problem for its audience. Do this right and your bottom line will reap the rewards.

Or, in the words of Mark Ritson, tell them you’ll make lots of money.

Apple considers itself to be in the human business, and they were the first company to be valued at over a trillion dollars so they must be onto something…

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