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In Cannes we text – day 1

Day 1 of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity; Iñaki Munoz and Ángel Gallego from the Text100 Madrid office are keen to share their learnings so far

Day 1 of Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity; Iñaki Munoz and Ángel Gallego from the Text100 Madrid office are keen to share their learnings so far

Creativity is in the Air

Our first day in the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity could not have been better. Except the price of a pint of beer. (9 euros!! This is crazy!)

It is astonishing how a 30-minute talk can give you so many ideas! It makes me want my colleagues around me, to implement everything I’m learning in our day-to-day business. For example, using the greed of a billionaire who wanted to bury his Bentley to save it for the afterlife, to announce an organ donation campaign.  The DNA of Creativity led by Yonathan Dominitz, was the first contact we had in Cannes, and revealed the origin of amazing creative ideas and campaigns, as well as introducing us to several ideation techniques to disrupt conventional thinking.
Yonathan showed us three simple tools to help you to engage your audience.

  • Dynamic Connections – linking the internal and external aspects which concern us during a campaign (those factors that we can control and those what we cannot);
  • Sabotage Removal – The effect of removing something to create shock in our target audience
  • Extreme Challenge – How challenging your audience can multiply the reach of our campaign

I must say that if the level of all expositions is like this, we will need a new notebook to fill with our learnings!

Over to Angel…

A cure for reputation: Fighting against prejudices

Cannes: Pharma vs Science

How can companies cure a bad reputation and fight against prejudice? Take pharmaceutical companies for example. They do not have a friendly relationship with the public. So how do you combat this and build a more human brand?

Creativity is a brilliant weapon for this. Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant, has shown during the Health Lions conference program at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity that defeating prejudices is their biggest challenge.“People want companies with a soul” explained Dana Gandsman, Senior Director of Pfizer’s Corporate Reputations; “People like Science, but not Pharma” agreed Ed Harnaga, Pfizer’s VP of Reputation and R&D Communications, adding “People think we lack ethics”.

This captures the current feeling of society, and this awareness is a starting point for turning the situation around. As Descartes said: “Know thyself”. Creators and Corporate PR managers have since developed strategies to answer other matters and change the conversation towards topics such as life-saving medicines, and the passion and dedication of their scientists to find cures.

Pfizer has started improving perceptions through its first corporate advertising campaign in more than a decade. Pfizer’s spokespeople have showed how Pfizer’s efforts have redefined what the company stands for. As a result, the pharmaceutical giant has changed its reputation for the better, thanks to campaigns like ‘before it became a medicine‘ and very clear communication messaging, “We are real. Simplicity is clarity. Science is complex, but people are not”.

They make their words matter.

You can find day 2 and day 3 or our Cannes Festival of Creativity coverage by following the links.

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