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What’s new in social media this week

The value of Twitterati, Facebook’s creative hub open to all and how to boss B2B influencers.

The value of Twitterati, Facebook’s creative hub open to all and how to boss B2B influencers.

The case for B2B marketing on LinkedIn [Infographic]

As professionals working in the B2B marketing we are often preaching to clients and colleagues why LinkedIn is the perfect channel for brands to communicate with prospects. This handy infographic produced by LinkedIn outlines the case for B2B marketing on the platform in specific detail. (Via socialmediatoday.com)

The Life of a Twitter Influencer [Infographic]

Working out the value of influencers is an question we’re all still trying to work out and modify and adapt to each brand. This guide gives a really useful indication as to what Twitter influencers are earning per tweet. Something to use as a guide for the next influencer campaign (Via socialmediatoday.com).

Influencing the influencers: What social influence really means in a B2B environment

Trying to reach the right person within a B2B environment through social selling is often a challenge we face on a daily basis at Text100. You want to reach the CEO, but are they the most influential person? The CEO’s assistant could be the most valuable person to build up a connection with. This article from Andrew Grill gives some handy tips. (Via londoncalling.co)

Facebook opens ‘Creative Hub’ ad testing platform to all users

The release of the Creative Hub to all users is going to prove to be a useful tool for anyone managing ad campaigns for clients. The tool will allow you to see successful ads and formats and allows you to create preview mock ups to share with clients. Sign up here

This Christmas, Lidl will be lowering their prices based on social chatter

The market is currently flooded with Christmas campaigns. This one stood out this week for its interesting use of social to impact price for customers. Lidl are dropping the price of certain products each week based on the amount of social interactions. A great way to tie sales back and reward customer loyalty.



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