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What’s new in Social Media this week

Instagram video live, Twitter removes lead gen cards and LinkedIn breaks the ice

Instagram video live, Twitter removes lead gen cards and LinkedIn breaks the ice

Instagram live video is here

Jumping on the live video bandwagon this week, Instagram and Twitter are now both major players. Both apps are starting to bring their live-streaming features to everyone – a big step forwards toward the “in the moment” sharing often reserved for Snapchat. Live video is set to be a one of the biggest trends for 2017. Surely something to embrace as part of next year planning. (Via Mashable.com and Marketingdive.com)

How do I find the best times to post on Facebook to improve reach and response?

A common question we often get asked with no one-answer-fits-all approach available. The advice on when to post to Facebook is often confusing and massively conflicting. However, there’s an easy way to test and find out – go into your Facebook Page Insights, click on ‘Posts’ from the left-hand side menu and look at the chart to see when the majority of your audience is online. Take these results as a guidelines and get to know your community inside out. More advice here (Via socialmediatoday.com)

Twitter quietly announced the removal of lead generation cards

Twitter’s latest move is relatively small, but significant for many advertisers – they’ve announced the removal of lead generation campaigns and cards as an advertising option. Many advertisers had relied on this option as a means to collating email data. Many advertisers are now likely to divert to the likes of Facebook for this option. Take note and factor in the change in your 2017 plans. (Via dmnews.com)

LinkedIn introduces breaking the ice ‘Conversation Starters’

How do you start a conversation with a colleague or business contact you haven’t spoken to in months? LinkedIn have a solution to help. With ‘Conversation Starters’, you can spend less time figuring out what to say, and more time having conversations that help you get ahead and reach your professional goals. With a set of personalized conversation starters in LinkedIn Messaging can help break the ice. One to consider when running LinkedIn executive programs.

What motivates people to follow, and unfollow, brands on social?

Seeing a dip in followers can often be a worry, but what is that actually makes people unfollow a brand? A study by Sprout Social looks at some of the causes; the annoyance factor is one of the real issues. Something to learn from here when considering content planning.



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