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Daily hashtag use, digital jargon explained and jobs on Facebook

Daily hashtag use, digital jargon explained and jobs on Facebook

Daily Hashtags explained

Ever wondered why certain hashtags on certain days are always trending? Well, there’s a reason to why daily hashtags can work well for brands when used correctly. Here’s a handy guide to what they mean and how to use them.

Facebook video sound update

The latest update from Facebook will most likely have us running towards the settings section in our profiles. Under pressure to get the sound up from marketers and advertisers, the social network now says videos will automatically play with sound on. Of course, the videos will only be heard if people have their volume turned up.

Understanding digital jargon

Some terms in digital marketing are difficult to get your head around. Several have many definitions and misused. Here’s a helpful glossary to get to grips with the busy and ever changing digital world we live in.

Facebook takes on LinkedIn with new job ads

Facebook is beginning the roll out of a new feature that allows job seekers to link up to hiring managers without ever leaving the platform. The update allows business Pages to post job listings the same way they’d typically compose a status update. With the millions of pieces of content posted on the platform every day, will job posting get lost? Time will tell.

Top Tips for the LinkedIn.com redesign

LinkedIn recently launched a whole new design layout for desktop. A much cleaner layout is now in use. Here’s a handy video that helps guide you through the design and tips for making the most of it.





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