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What’s new in Social Media this week

Organic content success, Twitter’s big events and big push for Facebook long-form video

Organic content success, Twitter’s big events and big push for Facebook long-form video

What brands need to know about Facebook’s long-form video push

Video is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere. Facebook is making this very clear with a bigger push towards long-form video. Although, just because Facebook is making this push brands should be cautious given the cost of producing longer-form video, and the risk that users won’t stay engaged with this content no matter how much Facebook wants you to should be a big consideration. 

Why the key to social media success is organic content

We all know that there’s no defined approach to social media success. But if you want to find out how you can improve your social media reach look no further than investing time in your organic content. Sometimes going back to basics and focusing on creating really good quality content, which will perform well organically, can be the key to your social media success. Give it a try. Read more here.

Best practices for promoting the same content across all social networks

The struggle is real for us content creators. Creating content and getting that content seen is a daily challenge taking effort and dedication. But with a few key best practices, social media success is within the reach of anyone. Via Hootsuite.

Twitter provides major events calendar to help brands tap into key conversations

To help with creating a reactive content calendar, Twitter’s released a new calendar template for February to get you started, highlighting all the relevant events that you might want to tap into for the month, along with related tweet volume stats.

The best social media campaigns and stories from January 2017

So January is always rather underwhelming. Let’s not dwell and instead recap on some of the social campaigns from the sublime to the downright ridiculous.

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