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What’s new in Social Media this week

Brains and content, turbo Instagram growth and building unique communities

Brains and content, turbo Instagram growth and building unique communities

Our brains process different kinds of content

Our brains process different types of content in different ways, whether it’s written text, visual images, graphic animations, or interactive content. In our quest, as marketers, to establish better knowledge of your target market, we study consumers’ interests, demographics, and online habits. But do we ever think about how their brains work? A new infographic dives into the science behind how the brain processes various forms of content. Where better to look than the brain for choosing the right type of content for campaign success.

How one retail brand used Instagram to generate 150,000 leads

The holy grail of social media for retail businesses is to reach customers and ultimately generate leads. Generating leads is often a tough one to crack and measure, but that never stops us from trying. Roots Canada recently ran a travel Instagram campaign that developed 150,000 leads. Using influencer engagement with influencers who were a natural fit for the target audience, combined with a good prize, allowed the brand to gain a host of new email leads. Listen to the podcast via Hootsuite here to find out how it was done.

Online social communities aren’t just Facebook and Twitter

The role of community management can span beyond the realms of the well known social channels. Unlike areas of social community management (such as a Facebook page or a Twitter channel) these tend to be the dedicated forums or websites where online communities share and discuss their interests. Locations that brands have built themselves to allow brand fans to communicate. Here are some best practice examples to learn from.

Instagram reaches 600 million users, growing faster than ever

This week, Instagram has announced that it’s reached a new milestone of 600 million users.  The announcement underlines Instagram’s place as an essential social platforms all brands need to consider if their audiences are using the channel. Read more here.

3 tips on the importance of visual consistency

Visual elements are a vital part in any social media marketing process, and maintaining a consistent visual approach can help boost your branding and recognition efforts. Here are some key tips for maintaining visual consistency from Twitter.

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