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What’s new in Social Media this week

The rise of emoji authentication, lemons saving lives and Instagrammers in Asia

The rise of emoji authentication, lemons saving lives and Instagrammers in Asia

From pictures to passwords: the rise of emoji authentication

The evolution of emojis from a novelty in messaging to an integral communication form in today’s digital world is complete. But could they protect us as well as entertain? ‘Digital Security’ is a big topic of discussion and one method to combat spammers and malware could be the use of emojis. With their rising popularity, memorable images and wide range of characters, emojis are an interesting choice of symbol for the authentication process. How would you feel about creating an emoji password? Read more here via thedrum.com

A viral photo of lemons could save your life

Designer Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the visual signs and symptoms of breast cancer using the unlikeliest of devices — lemons. A series of viral images from the campaign have reached 7.3 million people in three Facebook posts, according to an update posted on Facebook. The campaign is being led with #knowyourlemons. A really nice visual way to help inform and self diagnosis.

Meet the marketing duo travelling around Asia using only Instagram

To conquer the January blues, two former ad agency staff, Jess Last and Charlie Wild, decided to pack up their lives in London to travel to Asia, but are only using Instagram to plan, organise and draw inspiration. A great way to build up a community and an inspired trip. Follow Jess and Charlie as they travel round Asia on Instagram.

Ever wondered what the most shared type of post is on Facebook?

Shorter, off peak posts will increase Facebook engagements. The use of video, keeping posts down to 50 words and posting during off hours are some key ingredients to more consumer interaction with Facebook posts, according to recent research from BuzzSumo. Some interesting facts to takeaway here and consider testing when creating and scheduling the next content calendar.

Instagram Stories launches live video in the UK

Instagram is borrowing ideas from the likes of owner Facebook, as well as Twitter, for its latest update this week, by introducing live video streaming into the app that disappears as soon as it ends. Video is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Instagram and something to be really considered for brands looking to build their presence on the platform. Update your app to take advantage of the upgrade.

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