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What’s new in Social Media this week

Success in 2017, Live stream advantages and brave faces for the #TubeStrike

Success in 2017, Live stream advantages and brave faces for the #TubeStrike

Creating a successful 2017 social strategy

The winter break is already a hazy memory; January has well and truly kicked off now and so have the plans for the work for the year ahead. Social media is ever evolving and it’s important to have a well planned but adaptable strategy to keep you on track to success. These are some of the steps we’d follow (via socialmediatoday.com)

Using Facebook Live for business advantage

The interest and use of live streaming is growing and is set to be one of this year’s biggest trends in social. With the dominance of social media in all of our lives, providing easy access to breaking news and trends as it happens is essential, and players like Facebook are vying to make their tools yours in this area. How can we best use live-streaming platforms for brands and businesses? Consider product launches, behind the scenes access and interviews. Something to really include as part of campaigns and ongoing strategies. (via yourstory.com)

Humour the only way to deal with #TubeStrike on social

Misery hit London like a bolt of lightning as yet another tube strike caused chaos this week. Brand and customers reacted with their best understated humor in light of frustrations. Here are some of the best examples (via PRWeek.com).

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Facebook algorithm

Literally billions use Facebook, and they use it a lot. Serving relevant content can be a struggle. The way in which we are served posts on the platform is determined by an algorithm based on several factors. Facebook has begun to tell us more and more about how the News Feed algorithm works, what it favours, what it doesn’t, and what it means for business Pages. Quality over quantity is a key factor along with creating content that informs and entertains. These are simple tips to consider, but the social network’s advice goes far beyond this. Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm takes into account as many as 100,000 individual factors. Many of the factors are based on how users behave on Facebook and actions they take to indicate whether a piece of content is of interest to them or not. Read more via Hootsuite

Facebook videos could soon feature more ads

We all know that in order to reach your intended audience on Facebook you’ll need to invest in paid media. Now Facebook is reportedly looking to further monetize its popular video inventory with the testing of mid-roll ads – a move which could further incentivize content creators to consider leaving platforms like YouTube. Great for brands, at least on paper, but potentially annoying for consumers. (via thedrum.com)

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