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What’s new in social media this week

How to boss lead gen, Facebook video pause and LinkedIn improves profile images

How to boss lead gen, Facebook video pause and LinkedIn improves profile images

How to use Social Media for lead generation

The ultimate aim for marketers is to show ROI and lead generation from any activity. One way of creating sales is converting leads. To gain these leads, you need a strategy for lead generation, and this guide and infographic breaks down the various ways of gaining and measuring leads across channels.

Facebook gives video watchers pause for thought with added functionality

Facebook is adding yet another video feature to help enhance the experience of viewing on the platform. In order to drive video views there’s going to be a new feature enabling viewers to pick up where they left off on a previously viewed video. The true value and use of this is yet to be determined.

New report shows brand performance on Social, broken down by industry

Which industries perform best on social, and on what platforms are they seeing the most significant growth? While you can’t directly compare a businesses’ audience with others directly, you can however look at what’s working in each sector, which can give you a baseline, while also pointing you to the platforms where others in your market are seeing the best results.

To help with this, TrackMaven recently conducted a study, examining 12 months’ worth of social data from over 700 leading businesses. They’ve segmented the results into industry sectors, providing more granular data on each – here’s a summary of their key findings.

LinkedIn adds photo editing tools and filters for profile images 

LinkedIn has added an interesting new option within their mobile app:

“To give you a quick and easy way to enhance and crop your existing photos – yes, even a selfie or group photo – we’ve added photo editing in our mobile app. There are now six photo filters available, and you can also crop and edit the brightness, contrast, saturation and vignette of your LinkedIn profile photo.”

In addition, LinkedIn has also provided a new infographic which outlines the importance of your profile image, along with some key tips on how to make the most of it.

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