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Social update: Changes to YouTube, Facebook & Instagram

All the news from the world of Social Media: YouTube does vertical ads, Instagram tweaks tags, and Facebook can read text in images.

All the news from the world of Social Media: YouTube does vertical ads, Instagram tweaks tags, and Facebook can read text in images.

Youtube vertical ads

Following Snapchat and Instagram, YouTube are rolling out vertical ads to provide a more ‘seamless mobile experience’.

YouTube has long accommodated vertical videos, and with over 70% of mobile content viewed on mobile, it makes a lot of sense to finally introduce vertical ads.

According to YouTube CPO Neal Mahon one particular vertical ad produced results of a 33% uplift in brand awareness and a 12% uptick in purchase consideration. 

YouTube Kids App approved section & older kids

YouTube over the years has essentially developed itself as a fully-fledged video station (kind of) and now have solidified that status by rolling in even more options to monitor your kids viewing habits.

The app initially was introduced after many concerns raised that kids can view content they really shouldn’t be watching. We’re looking at you ‘fake cartoons’.

The first new option is ‘parent-approved’ content, which enables parents to hand-pick, and exclude, specific channels within the app. Alongside this, an older kids’ section will be split from the rest, with the intention of content being aimed directly at 8-12 year olds. 

Instagram Video tagging

This week Instagram have been testing even more sharing options with video tagging.

“The option works similarly to tagging photos. Instead of pressing the small icon at the bottom left to see the list of tagged names appear over the top of the content, the button links to a list of tagged people. When you tap this button, you’re directed to a new page titled “People in this Video” with all the Instagram users who have either appeared in the video, or who the original poster wants to alert in some way.”

This is brought with the aim of maximising engagement and distribution of content. Currently, this feature isn’t available to the general public, but you can expect it in the future. We can’t see why this wasn’t introduced when Instagram videos first came out – better late than never though!

Facebook can now read text in images 

As social is becoming more and more visual, companies have upped their game when it comes to image and video content. This also includes stopping offensive content getting through the filters.

A lot of content uploaded to Facebook (text in images) can be harmful in many ways. Text on images can be used to sneak hate speech onto people’s timelines.

Just as well then, that Facebook have developed ways of recognising and reading text within images using the new ‘Rosetta text in images detection system’.

For brands this is a huge development. Through the system you’d be able to search for images based on text and find people who use your product or even related products. It could allow you to detect who wears clothes with your branding on, for example

This is all very much a work in progress, with 24 languages being added to the automatic translation services this week.

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