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Social news: Join a 4-way with WhatsApp

Facebook pretends it wants you to stop using its apps, WhatsApp rolls out 4-way video calling and the rest of the week’s Social Media news.

Facebook pretends it wants you to stop using its apps, WhatsApp rolls out 4-way video calling and the rest of the week’s Social Media news.

Downsizing your influencers?

With top influencers all advertising the same product the market is slowly becoming an over-saturated mess. Which is why brands are turning to their lowly but more authentic counterparts to rock their products: Micro-influencers.

Topping 1m+ followers is an incredible achievement, but how many of your followers (or with the recent resurgence of AI followers, dare we say bots?) really engage with the products you’re paid to advertise?

The hordes of creepy middle-aged men liking your bikini pictures aren’t going to invest in some Mascara.

Working with a micro-influencer is up to 7 times more effective than working with those rocking a huge follower count. Brands are beginning to understand the importance of micro-influencers and the transparency in their posts.

Full time blogger, Vix Meldrew says:

A few years ago, an influencer with 50k followers could post about their new favourite mascara and their followers would rush to get it. Now people are wisening up and seeing 15 influencers with 50k+ followers all recommending the same mascara and they can see that it’s clearly part of a campaign.

Whatsapp introduces 4-way video chat

WhatsApp will be rolling out the much wanted (some say needed) 4-way video chat.

As it stands, the popularity of video calling on Whatsapp is growing at an astronomical rate and is easily one of the most popular features on the messaging app.

According to Mark Zuckerberg approximately 2 billion minutes of video chat has already happened through WhatsApp. That’s  around 3805 years.

Spotify does nothing

A storm has re-brewed this week over on Twitter regarding Spotify’s decision to STILL not roll out a blocking feature. Since 2012 users have used Spotify as a platform to systematically intimidate and stalk other users.

When we talk about this topic, you wouldn’t typically assume Spotify to be a major player, but a lot of people have complained to the music streaming company directly.

C’mon Spotify, sort it out.

Facebook on the digital wellbeing bandwagon

Facebook announced the launch of ‘take a break’ pop-ups to reduce the amount of time children spend on social media. There will also be a feature telling you how long you’ve been using certain apps without a break.

This follows the backlash slamming tech companies for not doing enough to prevent app addiction.

Although aimed at children, this update could prove to be useful for just about 99% of twenty-somethings too.

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