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Learnings from Social Media Week (pt 2)

A two-part recap of everything we learned at Social Media Week London 2017

A two-part recap of everything we learned at Social Media Week London 2017

(This is part 2 of Jack Colvin’s The good, the bad and the stuff we already knew – a recap of learnings from Social Media Week London 2017. Read part 1 here.)

It’s all about video

(With a background in film I’m definitely biased, but that just makes my opinions even more accurate.)

  • By the year 2020, video will account for 80% of all consumer traffic online
  • 60% of marketers use video in their campaigns
  • 4 x as many consumers prefer watching videos about products rather than reading about them

Video must be a priority in marketing. As one speaker put it, “A picture is worth a thousand words, but 60 seconds of video is worth a billion”. If done well, video can have lasting emotional impact on the viewer, which obviously can improve the chances of convincing them to buy your product.

Vertical video on the rise

70% of video consumers won’t turn their phone to watch a video. This is a critical piece of information.

It may seem like a hurdle to advertisers but you must cater to your audience relative to their viewings habits. The old marketing adage To catch a fish, go where the fish are continues to be relevant. All media producers need to start creating shareable video in either 1:1 or 2:3 aspect ratios (if you already do that, you’re a hero).

It’s not always possible to share vertical videos, especially if you’re reusing footage from video shot standard letterbox ratios. Content creators must develop video suitable for social platforms. So, bug the production staff and set crew until they give in to your square aspect ratio desires.

Scroll, scroll, scroll your phone

The average phone user (that doesn’t include us tech geeks) scrolls over 90 meters per day, or more than 5 miles a year. If by 2027, our fingers aren’t resembling mini bodybuilders then our evolution is definitely rigged.

We scroll more than 300 feet a day on our devices. That's higher than Big Ben.

And finally, important (if contradictory) advice

  • Jump on the bandwagon
  • Don’t jump on the bandwagon
  • Embrace Animojis (The next big thing, or so we hear)
  • It’s good to be different: stray from the creative path, but don’t get left in the dark.

(And let’s face it, these Animojis look pretty cool.)
Jony Ive as an animoji monkey

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