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New in Social Media 31/03: Facebook takes over & time to pay for Twitter?

Facebook dominates with locate friends, live on desktop and cloning Snapchat

Facebook dominates with locate friends, live on desktop and cloning Snapchat

Facebook Messenger update helps you find your friend’s exact location

It seems that each week Facebook is making yet another feature. The latest this week as reported by Mashable is a new location-sharing feature called “live location” that allows you to share your real-time location inside of a chat for an hour at a time. Good for those friends who have a habit of getting lost.

Twitter considers paid membership option

Twitter is considering adding a paid membership option for businesses and power users. Paying members would get access to an enhanced version of TweetDeck, Twitter’s souped-up interface that offers more functionality than Twitter.com. This all seems a bit excessive in a bid to try and boost user base. This will need to include some radical features to warrant real interest.

Facebook Live comes to desktop for all users

Another Facebook update this week. You can now broadcast live video to Facebook from desktop or laptop computers. Desktops and laptops provide a stable camera setup; perfect for Q&As, vlogs, tutorials or any broadcast from someone who isn’t on the move.

Facebook launches Stories in the main Facebook app

Facebook’s plan to copy everything from Snapchat has finally reached its peak with the launch of Facebook Stories in the main Facebook app. You can now share stories with your Facebook friends and see what they’ve been up to for the past 24 hours – just like Snapchat Stories. It remains to be seen whether Facebook’s user base will embrace the new function. Watch this space.

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