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New in social 19/05: Brand savagery &iInfluencer hacks

This week: Brand Savagery, Influencer hacks, quality not quantity and how to measure video ad success

This week: Brand Savagery, Influencer hacks, quality not quantity and how to measure video ad success

Focus on quality, drive better performance

In the world of B2B marketing where leads and downloads are a big part of ROI, how do brand managers ensure content is driving performance? Often the mistakes made can me churning out much of the same content. The answer sits somewhere in the debate between quantity- and quality-driven content. Take a step back and check out these five examples of brands that have found success with this formula.

It’s not about the click: Measuring video ad success

There appears to be an ongoing debate as to what makes a video ad successful. An emphasis on clicks is understandable, but many in the industry have argued for some time that clicks are irrelevant to understanding an ad’s performance. Less than 1 percent of people actually click on video ads –if there’s anything to actually “click” in the first place. If clicks are your main metric, then optimizing your entire media plan for clicks is a waste of time. Read more here about the argument against clicks.

Is social media savagery a new marketing approach

In the world of social media and customer communication, perception is everything, and a strong sense of personal identity can help a brand stand out. But what if that brand was a complete savage to rude customers with added sass? Social media savagery if done in the right contents can be funny. The recent media attention surrounding Wendy’s Twitter account going full savage on certain customers is a great example of this. More here.

Avoid the tricks and hacks of influencers

Some influencers aren’t always what they appear to be and brands can come unstuck. Their influence may not be the right one for your brand. There could be thousands exaggerating their “influence” in some way. Here is a breakdown of the tricks and hacks that can be noted.

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