How To Brew Up Relevant Social Buzz

With Twitter blowing up right now in reaction to the Supreme Court decision on healthcare, here’s my early pick for “Best #SCOTUS Tweet of the Day By A Brand/Company.”

So what’s effective about this, other than it comes from one of my favorite craft beer bars in the Boston area, and I’m a craft beer geek? Three things:

1. It’s timely. #SCOTUS is trending big time as I write this. These guys had the foresight to push this Tweet just minutes after the big news dropped. Some fine strategic PR planning right there by our local hopheads.

2. It’s got personality. OK, so most none of my clients would ever allow me to write the word “bitches” in their Tweets. (Nor would I want them to.) But the point is: brands need to stop being so stiff and let just their true voice come through.  So chew on that, bitches!

3. It’s salesmanship is subtle. Sure, I’m well aware that the clear purpose of the Tweet is to remind me that, ‘why yes, I probably would like to enjoy a delicious Heady Topper DIPA after a busy day partnering with my clients.” But it’s not beating me over the head with a ”try this!” or ‘buy that!’ message. Not that they really need to twist my arm.

Plus: bonus points for not alienating any particular segment of their potential audience with the #nonpartisiandrinking hashtag. Very shrewd.

Cheers to you Buks. And keep the change.

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