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Turn Your Engagements Into Brand Loyalty

Get to know your customers and foster their brand loyalty with engagement data from social media and email marketing

Get to know your customers and foster their brand loyalty with engagement data from social media and email marketing

One of the most commonly used metrics in today’s digital and social marketing scene is “engagement rate,” which is defined as every interaction made with your audience — be it a “like,” comment, click, share, etc.

What I have observed is that today’s marketers and communicators are very zeroed in on their engagement rate — whether it’s an engagement rate on Facebook, Twitter engagement or even email marketing campaigns and more. This is great to know because it shows we are moving in a direction where valuing the engaged customer is more important than the size of the audience base.


On an analytics front, we look at an engagement rate mainly as a tool to assess current content quality and as a compass for future content creation.

For example, if we create a white paper that gets 200 percent more engagement than our normal content, we exchange high-fives, slap each other on our backs and go back to creating more white papers because we know they help continue the conversation with our audience. And there’s nothing wrong with this approach because having more engaging content is a good thing, plus it aids with brand recall and helps move the customer closer to the point of conversion.

That said, I wonder if we can do something beyond just understanding what type of content to create with the engagement rate data we’re collecting.


I’m saying this because I feel every interaction with customers is also a step toward better understanding them and fostering their brand loyalty.

Think about it: We can probably build a more comprehensive profile of our audience based on the content topics they respond to (what they like and don’t), the time-of-day click data (it probably tells us when they’re thinking about our brand) or even the words that do and don’t grab their attention (which tells us more about their motivations and triggers).

At the end of the day, the point is, think about how you can use engagement data to dig out more insights about your audience and customers, as there is more potential in those numbers to maximize and improve the tactical and executional aspects of your marketing efforts.

While this sounds like it’s going to be a pain to collect so many data points and then assign them to individual profiles, improvements in today’s marketing automation software are making this a possibility rather than some far-fetched marketing utopia of the future. The coming together of marketing automation tools and social sign-on tools (think Facebook connect, Google Plus, etc.) that collect audience behavioral data across websites and applications now allows marketers to fully and truly understand their audiences better than ever before.


As mentioned above, the trick to maximizing this is to see beyond simply using engagement rate as a tool for measuring and improving content performance. It can also be used to build customer brand loyalty.

Look at it this way: Much like courting someone over a series of dates, conversations and Snapchats, when customers or potential customers engage with you, they are also offering information that can be used to shape a better understanding of their lives. Don’t miss out on this win-win situation to meet the needs of your constituents, while improving brand loyalty and conversions.


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