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Eight Traits of Great Social Business Leaders

A recent company leadership offsite in Bangalore, India provided fresh reminders of the leadership behaviors needed to build a strong leadership legacy.  I view the leadership traits shared by management consultant Mohit Chhabra as critical components of leading change in digital communications and navigating the unchartered waters of social business.

Great leaders:

1. Are continual learners
Great leaders bring wisdom and experience to situations, but equally as important they are always adding to their knowledge, practicing new skills & sharing this information with others.  They strive to be a complete leader across the many facets of leadership.

2. Inspire a shared vision
The best leaders know where they are headed and bring people along the journey with them.  They envision the future, entrust others and enlist people to achieve a shared vision.

3. Are good listeners
Strong leaders actively listen to their stakeholders.  They solicit input and engage with a variety of individuals.  They adapt their communication style to engage with those who are different from them.

4. Challenge processes
Great leaders experiment.  They search for new opportunities and innovative ideas.  They assert themselves in chaotic situations and will take risks.

5. Make time for introspection
The best leaders know the value of disconnecting.  This means stepping away from the day-to-day to regularly create the head space for new ideas, fresh thinking and that “Ah ha!” moment to happen.

6. Enable Others
Strong leaders treat others with respect and courtesy.  They empower others with the confidence that he or she will be there for them and will be their advocate.  They foster collaboration and mentorship to strengthen the skills of the entire team.

7. Build camaraderie
Good leaders recognize individual contributions and build an environment of mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  They celebrate the victories and build a sense of connection to the organization.

8. Model a good example
The best leaders project the same values and behaviors they expect of others.  They are clear on their personal values and are not afraid to change their mind.

What behaviors do you respect in the world’s best leaders?

Editor’s note: A version of this article originally appeared on Social Business News as part of a partnership with Text 100.

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