4 Reasons Your Brand Should Use Snapchat

Text100 Singapore’s Nicole Yong explains how brands can drive engagement on Snapchat.

Text100 Singapore’s Nicole Yong explains how brands can drive engagement on Snapchat.

We live and breathe social media, and while apps are a dime a dozen, one of my favorites is Snapchat. It’s fast, real, and provides interesting viewpoints in almost instant snippets (i.e. snaps). Younger millennials snap up a storm on Snapchat, and regard the app almost as a news source.

As communicators, we can learn a thing or two from this – what makes Snapchat so appealing? More importantly, how can brands snap up this huge marketing opportunity to further promote themselves and drive engagement?

Celebrities, Internet stars, and prominent figures make up the majority of Snapchat’s most viewed accounts. Each has their own unique selling points to garner and maintain their ever-growing community of fans. These communities always come back for more and are genuinely interested in the person’s everyday life.

Whether you’re an individual or large company, here are four beneficial insights that may help you drive engagement on Snapchat.

  1. You get the insider sneak peek into someone’s life

One of the things that I love about Snapchat is its level of authenticity. Unlike Instagram where posts are heavily filtered and posed, Snapchat offers a maximum of 10-second videos or image viewing that allows for snaps to “keep it real”. When your snaps are genuine and unfiltered, followers get a real taste of what goes on in your life. When you resonate with your audience, you slowly start to build a personal connection with them. One perfect example is Kylie Jenner – snaps of her every move (which include singing selfie videos and driving around Los Angeles) are sucked up eagerly by millennials and teens, making her a trendsetter across fashion and cosmetics.

  1. Exclusivity

Nothing fuels interest more than the air of exclusivity. #FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a real thing in our fast-paced digital life. With Snap Stories lasting no more than 24 hours before disappearing into Snapchat server oblivion, it’s fruitful to tailor your content accordingly. For example, Burberry’s 24-hour Snapchat campaign featuring shots by Mario Testino sent users in a frenzy to catch the collection on Snapchat before it disappeared.

  1. Encourages engaging creative content ideas

If Snapchat has taught me one thing, it’s to be more creative with my snaps. I once did a daily update on a nearby construction site and its workers accompanied by witty captions and dialogue. Not only was it a fun activity, the compliments and requests from my followers of #ConstructionUpdate were motivational.

Shay Mitchell, from ‘Pretty Little Liars’, does regular series editions of ‘Uber Driving’ where she uses Snapchat filters to act out different passengers and drivers on Uber. Quirky and fun content is the key to drive engagement, and the excitement of creating it adds to the appeal.

  1. Not so subtle wins the game

Snapchat lets brands customize lenses for a tidy sum, and users are thoroughly enjoying them. The subtlety (or lack thereof) of branding creates perfect brand recall among the general population. Awareness of the brand also spreads like wildfire as users send snaps with branded filters to their own audiences and networks.


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