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How to Get a Job in PR: 5 Easy Tips

Want to land that dream job? First you’ll need to know what agencies are looking for. Here’s a few tips.

Want to land that dream job? First you’ll need to know what agencies are looking for. Here’s a few tips.

There’s fierce competition for entry-level positions in communications. Knowing what employers look for, and how to show it, can give you a real edge.

Here’s my top five tips for getting an entry-level job in PR:

Get involved

Be enthusiastic, dedicated, and a willing to get your hands dirty. You won’t learn these skills in the classroom, but they’ll put you head and shoulders above your peers. Don’t underestimate how much of a difference these traits can make.

Agencies have plenty of opportunities to get involved with a wide variety of projects. Show prospective employers you’re not looking to be a 9-to-5 employee, and are ready to jump in.

Learn all you can

Don’t worry about your lack of experience and expertise: No-one is an expert on their first day. Being able to absorb, retain, and digest technical information will come in handy.

Read trade publications. You’ll learn lots about niche areas of the industry, and that will help to build your confidence.

Understand the media landscape

Digital? Above The Line? Social media? Experiential?

The landscape of communications has changed dramatically, even in the past couple of years. Knowing your OOH from your Snapchat and your influencer-led activation from your Call To Action will help show prospective employers that you’re serious.

Expand your horizons

Marketing, PR and advertising are often taught as completely separate disciplines, but that’s just not true anymore. As digital technology has changed our lives, these disciplines have started overlapping, smushing together into a big integrated blob.

Make sure your knowledge and education reflect this.

Content [creation] is [still] king

Creating compelling content, finding ways to cut through the noise and getting people to engage can be tough. If you can prove you can do this, you’ll certainly stand out.

“Content creation” can be anything. A blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel… Find something you love talking about, find a medium you’re comfortable with and reach out to other, like-minded people. Passion for a subject always shines through. The more passionate you can prove you are, the better you’ll look to prospective employers.

Of course, if you want to work with us, an impressive CV is only part of the battle.

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