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Text100 rebrand: poetry, operatic singing, and cake

Join us as we celebrate Text100’s rebrand and discover how we’re “Wired Differently”.

Join us as we celebrate Text100’s rebrand and discover how we’re “Wired Differently”.

To do truly great things that make a difference in the world, you have to be Wired Differently – normal just doesn’t cut it. At Text100, we’re proud to say we’re Wired Differently; an ethos that reaches far across the globe to each of our offices.

Being Wired Differently means we don’t just look at things and see black and white, we see a wide spectrum of color and use those colors to create beautiful rainbows – metaphorically speaking, of course. What we’re actually doing is connecting people with brands in new and exciting ways.

During October, Text100 underwent an internal transformation to rebrand; one that we all celebrated with in style as we move from orange and white to blue and black. Take a look around text100.com to see what we’ve done with the place.

Our excited teams celebrated in different ways, but all had one common theme: food. Or more specifically, cake.

Let’s take a look at just some of the ways our offices celebrated and at some of the new decoration.

Kuala Lumpur



To inspire creativity in new and different ways, the Text100 London office saw guest appearances by opera singer Bethan Langford who serenaded us throughout the day, renowned techno DJ Perc, who created a track from sounds around the office to show everyone his creative process, and Top Gear presenter Rory Reid who talked about how determination can help you reach your dreams.



The good folk based in our Germany office held a “Wired Differently” photo contest and decorated the office with a wall tattoo and Text10 bunting.


New York

Over in the States, the NYC team created poetry related to our vision fueled by plenty of blue cakes.


San Francisco

Starting the day right, the team in SF began with breakfast and bubbles, leading to a week of fun photos and more food to bring everybody together.



The Rochester office kept things simple and classy with a giant cookie cake and when we say Giant we mean GIANT! We’ve been assured it tasted every bit as good as it looks!



Sometimes all you need is balloons. LOTS and lots of balloons.



Amsterdam went all hands-on with their brand activities, the result being a cornucopia of cuisine that was on offer to charm all staff, ranging from creative cupcakes to tasty cappuccinos.


We’ve had an absolute blast getting together to celebrate our rebrand and express how we feel about the new look and are excited about how this will translate into talking to clients and sharing how we see the world a little differently. Now, who wants cake?

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