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Introducing Text100’s Dynamic Newsroom

Does your newsroom leave journalists empty-handed and unsatisfied?

Does your newsroom leave journalists empty-handed and unsatisfied?

Does your newsroom leave journalists empty-handed and unsatisfied?


If asking a journalist, you may be surprised his or her answer to that question is likely, “yes.”  It’s with this in mind that we’re introducing Dynamic Newsroom, Text100’s solution to unshackle newsrooms to better meet the needs of journalists.


As communicators, we are in constant search of new and effective ways to engage target audiences and grow relationships.  We’ve consistently heard from media that corporate newsrooms are often not useful and can be frustrating to use.  This missed opportunity to connect journalists with your content and to represent your brand appropriately can mean the difference between growing share of voice and perceived irrelevance.


A strategic newsroom

Text100’s Dynamic Newsroom enables newsrooms that are intelligent vs. static, provide an integrated experience across all content, and can be easily managed by communications teams.  Created by our ranks of seasoned PR professionals, working alongside former journalists on our Content team and developers in our Creative Technology division, Dynamic Newsroom is designed to be a communicator’s tool that surfaces the most relevant content at exactly the right time.


So how is it better than what I have?



Underpinned by smart content categorization, the Text100 Dynamic Newsroom tracks what content is being viewed or clicked by journalists in real-time and automatically refreshes the additional content on the page, surfacing relevant content to increase time spent with your brand.  Our product tracks the performance of every asset in the newsroom, helping inform your communications programs and support measurement needs.  These capabilities transform your newsroom from simply being a repository to a strategic communications channel and a useful destination for journalists.


Integrated Experience

All Dynamic Newsroom functionality is modular, and all modules leverage each other to become more than the sum of their parts. Content uploaded through any module automatically links together to form a comprehensive and highly searchable library, with minimum administrative overhead.  For example, copy changes – such as to a boiler plate – made on one asset in the newsroom will be updated in all other occurrences, retrospectively or in content from a specific date forward.  In addition, the modules enable a contextual experience.  Executive profiles can automatically feature upcoming speaking engagements; a list of upcoming events can include related blog post topics on the same page.  Everything is inter-linked, enhancing usefulness and boosting visibility.


Because Dynamic Newsroom is built on WordPress, it’s incredibly easy to use and simple to theme.  Our Creative Technology team can provide a seamless aesthetic with your corporate site regardless if you use other hosting platforms.  In addition, since it’s built on WordPress, Dynamic Newsroom plays nicely with other tools such as Percolate, Yoast SEO or any of the 47,000 WordPress plugins currently available.


Easily Managed

Text100’s Dynamic Newsroom is built to be intelligent and flexible.  The automatic content recommendations baked into our modular approach means many pages simply update themselves, and unlike other platforms it doesn’t specify which types of content you can offer.  Out of the box it’s ready to customize to any type of file, embeddable item or external link you provide.


And because it makes smart connections between so many pieces of content, and automatically surfaces things that visiting journalists could need, we expect you’ll spend less time updating your Dynamic Newsroom.


Launching a new division or need to create a microsite during an event?  Dynamic Newsroom can be up and running quickly, customized to your exact needs and updated with all your content – no code required.  Whether you’re considering a newsroom overhaul, facelift or supplemental microsite, we support custom builds, offer white-label templates, and can liaise with your IT team to manage the entire process.

“Dynamic Newsroom targets the intersection of PR, content and creative technology.  It takes the best of everything we know about media relations and hosting content online, to more effectively connect brands with journalists.”
James Holland, vice president of Creative Technology, Text100

It’s time to embrace this channel

Your newsroom is an owned channel that directly impacts your communications strategy.  For most, it’s an untapped opportunity that strategic communications teams must maximize, and Dynamic Newsroom makes it easy for you to do so.  We invite you to explore how brands like Microsoft, Sharp, Vodafone and others have taken advantage of the Text100 Dynamic Newsroom, and drop Jeremy Woolf a note at jeremy.woolf@text100.com for a discussion and demo.

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