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EMEA SABRE Award nominations (Woo!)

Six award nominations for our EMEA teams in this year’s SABRE awards, and four in the In2 SABRE Awards. High fives all round!

Six award nominations for our EMEA teams in this year’s SABRE awards, and four in the In2 SABRE Awards. High fives all round!

Another update:

So, we’re sorry to give you another awards update… Well, not really because we’re excited to give you the good news! We’re pleased to say that Text100 has been shortlisted by Holmes Report for EMEA Technology Consultancy of the Year!

We strive to make our words, and those of our clients, matter; and Holmes Report agrees- “it is not a stretch to say that Text100 now has a credible point of view that distinguishes it from its rivals”. (Thanks, guys!)

You can read more awesome words about our shortlist here. Otherwise, roll on the 23rd May for the SABRE Awards ceremony, with our fingers crossed for more good news!

Update: The In2 SABRE Awards have also recognised our work!

Best Use Of Blogs: Here 360 Blog – Created to talk about very advanced technology in a simple, human voice and make it accessible to interested people across the world. HERE360 has proven hugely successful, attracting nearly two million page views in its first year, and over five million in the second year.

Crowdsourcing and Co-Creating: Walk Together with Skype – Working with one of the world’s largest football teams, our campaign demonstrated how Skype could fuel the passion of fans, everywhere, enabling them to get closer to their team and even help write the next chapter of its story. The campaign reached an audience of more than 783 million.

Animation VideoMicrosoft Lumia Instagram – The campaign was based on “social storytelling in 20 seconds” using animation to tell a clear story. The results were impressive: 91 assets, increased engagement by 282%, and over 2.1million organic impressions. Nice.

Best Agency Video:  Text100.com – You’re reading it right now. Woo!

SABRE Award Nominations

Our work has been recognised by the SABRE Awards as some of the best in Europe. Our offices across the region have been shortlisted for 6 awards, across a wide range of categories. Brace yourself for an avalanche of awesome work!

First nom-nom-nomination:

Best Campaign Iberia: IBM’s Cognitive Menu

We created the IBM Chef Watson website, allowing users to create unique dishes with IBM’s cognitive computing system, Watson (previously seen as the star of a special episode of Jeopardy).

To kick off the campaign, we organised an event at a top cooking school in Madrid, and all eyes were on Chef Watson as he devised the first cognitive menu in Spain, with audiences on Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat and Youtube.

Second nomination:

Employer branding: The Women of Lenovo

Did you know executive committees made up of more than 25% of Women perform 47% better, on average? We worked with Lenovo to hit their target of a 50/50 split of men and women employed globally.

3.4 million people viewed and loved snazzy video content through lenovowomen.com, which put Lenovo’s money where their mouth is by doubling as a recruitment site.

Next up:

Best Trade Show Goldfish tanks at the IFA with Lenovo

Lenovo wanted to be in the top 3 at the IFA. We got them to number 2.

We wanted to inspire audiences with the amazing innovations our client had made, such as some fish tanks and a screen that looked like a fish tank – could anyone spot the difference between Lenovo’s super-clear screen and the real thing?

Tooting our own horn a bit on this next one:

Best Professional services campaign

Text100 is ‘wired differently’, and now we have the website to prove it. The Text100 website needed a complete re-design, allowing us to be bold and show off some of our best work. Our blogs, our thoughts, our passions, and our people all feed into our work, so we stripped our content back and allowed visitors to the site to ‘get’ the essence of Text100.

We’re a truly global agency,  accessible in one place but enjoyed in every corner of the world.

(Toot toot.)

The next nomination is for

Best Technology-Hardware campaignSocial storytelling in 20 seconds with Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft Lumia wanted to tell a clear story in a crowded marketplace, so we created a ten week multi-platform campaign based on animated assets and “social storytelling in 20 seconds”.

We achieved some really impressive results: 91 assets, increased engagement by 282%, and generated over 2.1million organic impressions. Nice.

And last, but not least,

Web based businessIntroducing The First Conversational Election on Facebook

In the lead up to the Spanish General Elections, we designed and ran a campaign aimed at showcasing Facebook as the new and personal way to connect and engage in an authentic conversation. We built relationships, generated positive stories and encouraged direct dialogue with citizens.

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