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One of the best agencies to work for in EMEA? Yes!

We’ve always thought so, but it’s nice to have someone else agree.

We’ve always thought so, but it’s nice to have someone else agree.

We’ve always thought it, but we’re so pleased to say that The Holmes Report agrees!
This morning it was announced that

Text100 is one of the Best Agencies To Work for across EMEA

This is a big deal, because we’re creating something special here and people outside the agency are taking notice. We couldn’t do this without our people – we hate clichés but it’s true – we’re one (very big) family.

We’re Wired Differently

That’s not just a phrase that we throw around, but an important part of everything we do. We’re unconventional and that drives us. We’re pilots, gymnasts and adult fans of LEGO. We do our best work because we bring these different opinions, outlooks and disciplines together to create original, inspiring work.

We do this in an environment that allows us to thrive

We treat our fellow Texties like adults, we make sure work fits around our schedule rather than us fitting around our work. Wherever you feel you’ll be most productive, we think you should go there. Whether that’s in the office, a coffee shop, working from home or even another office in the region (within reason!), it’s entirely up to you.

Most importantly, we have fun, we collaborate and we bring bright ideas to work every day. But if you don’t feel like it for some reason, don’t worry, we even have paid ‘duvet days’ for when you just need to spend some quality time with your bed.

If you don’t work with us yet, but think you might like to, check out our careers section, or contact your local office – we’re always keen for a chat with interesting people.

Right. Time to celebrate!

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