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It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that now feels like the right time for me to leave the company.

It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that now feels like the right time for me to leave the company.

People have always asked me where the name Text100 came from.  There’s a story behind that of course, but I’ve often thought that what’s most important about the Text100 name is what it isn’t.  It’s not the name of a founder.  That was purposeful.  Mark Adams and Tom Lewis – our founders – knew that it’s not about the name on the door. It’s about the team, our clients and a vision we share.

As CEO for the last 18 years, I’ve known that my role is to do my best to advance that team and vision, until it’s time for someone else to carry it forward. That time has now come. It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that now feels like the right time for me to leave the company.

This comes at an exciting moment for the company. Bite and Text100 will be coming together to form a new company, with a new brand that will be led by current Bite CEO Helena Maus. Knowing how strong the company is today and how great our leaders are around the world, I leave with a great sense of accomplishment and belief that it’s an exciting moment for our company.


Over the last five years we’ve evolved the agency to become an integrated marketing communications agency, acquiring and merging several companies, hiring new talent and skills and delivering some of the most inspiring work yet. Knowing that the agency is in a position of strength allows me to step away from my role as CEO and explore something new.

What we’ve done together over 28 years since I came to Text100 as a young account executive is truly extraordinary. From humble beginnings as a small London agency, we’ve built a global company. We are the trusted partner for some of the most important and influential brands on the planet. We have been a part of the rise of the technology industry as the most important force in our world.

We’ve also had a lot of laughs along the way. The Text100 spirit is truly unique. That spirit was forged in the early days around a philosophy to hire great people and remove as many barriers as possible so they could deliver their best work.  Today it has evolved to embrace a global workforce united around a common purpose to work as one team, supporting, encouraging and challenging each other to be the best version of ourselves. Our team is collaborative, diverse and passionate about our work, our world and each other.

The future

I remain bullish about the future of our company.  Our people around the world have created a unique culture which has lasted through the decades and is unmatched in our industry.  There is no better place for a client to seek counsel, or a creative, strategic communicator to build their career.

I’m excited about the future that lies ahead of me. Right now, I will focus my time and energy on my work as Chair of Page – one of the most rewarding efforts of my professional career. I’ll continue with my other industry and board work and am excited about the doors this change will open and the opportunities it will bring.

Being a part of Text100 for the last 28 years and its CEO for the last 18 has been an extraordinary privilege. The relationships I’ve built with our leaders, staff, clients, partners and friends are so vast and will last me a lifetime. Those who have been a part of our team over the years know what a special place it is and will continue to be.

It’s never been about one person or the name on the door.  But it’s been an honor to be a part of it, and to leave the place just a bit better than I found it.

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