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The Best Advice You’ve Received

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a PR professional? I recently answered that question through a HARO response, and was lucky enough to have my advice posted on the Mynt PR blog, alongside some amazing PR professionals in the industry.

In the spirit of that post, I decided to ask my Boston colleagues about the best advice they’ve received in their careers. I received responses from employees of all experience levels, including our intern Lisa and our senior vice president Ken, and wanted to share them with you:

“When you walk into a meeting with a client, say one smart thing and ask one smart question.” – Michele Moore, Account Manager

“Slow down. It’s good to get work done quickly, but not too quickly. Taking the extra time to make sure your work is 100% up to your company’s standards will make the world of difference.” – Ilena Ryan, Account Executive

“Always raise your hand and volunteer to do the tasks that no one else wants to do. You’ll build your knowledge and people will know that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to better yourself and your clients.” – Alison Thompson, Senior Account Executive

“Think ahead of your client.  A good PR professional isn’t just executing on his/her client’s ideas, they’re thinking and working beyond them.” – Ken Peters, Senior Vice President

“Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Just because someone has more experience than you doesn’t mean that your opinions or creative ideas aren’t valid.” – Stephanie Kanaan, Account Executive

“Never think you’re not capable to take a stab at something above your experience level” – Lisa Sorrentino, Intern

“Don’t be afraid to get on the phone. It’s easy to get caught up in the convenience of email, but some of the best insight and ideas comes from having that type of conversation.” – Lucy Miller, Account Coordinator

“Ask yourself what you want to accomplish and set small goals to work towards achieving them.” – Virginia Romero, Account Executive

“Your career is what you make it. Your teammates and colleagues can be there to help you, but it’s up to you to make yourself grow and stand out. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or take on something that may be difficult. You’ll gain experience and knowledge and show people that you’re interested in and dedicated to both your day to day job activities as well as your overall career development.” – Kate Mather, Account Executive

“Don’t take handwritten notes – typing them is much faster, and allows you to do a keyword search. I type up all my call notes and save them in a folder. That way, if I forget what a client said about something, I can just hit “CTRL + F” and refresh my memory. I do this when I’m staffing interviews, too – it’s helpful to reference when writing pitches, etc.” – Rachel Round, Senior Account Executive


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