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From Textie to Media-Labber

The first recipient of our secondment program with the MIT Media Lab talks us through her experiences

The first recipient of our secondment program with the MIT Media Lab talks us through her experiences

What’s a typical day like for you?” is a question I always struggle to answer.  As a communications professional, there are no typical days! Every day is filled with new and different adventures. As a result, the days fly by and there is never a dull moment.

Over the past six months, I’ve learned that nowhere is this more true than at the MIT Media Lab.

Last year we introduced a global secondment program to embed a Text100 employee at the MIT Media Lab every six months.

As the lucky recipient of the first secondment, I’ve had the privilege to work amongst some of the greatest minds in academia and alongside a diverse communications team.

What is the Media Lab?

The Media Lab consists of 26 different research groups and additional research initiatives that span everything from artificial intelligence and digital currency, to bionic limbs and musical composition….and so, so much more. Every week there are new projects and events to promote and so much other fascinating stuff happening around the Lab.

Recently, I had the chance to visit with Aedhmar at the Media Lab and share my experience with her.

Things move fast around the Lab and I love the emphasis on taking chances and learning by doing. Some ideas pan out and we keep doing them; others don’t and we move onto something else.

Being embedded at the Media Lab, I’ve been exposed to all that the Lab offers, including a diverse range of events and speakers. Diverse being the key word.

For example, the other week, I walked by a room where there was a dance workshop in progress. When I first joined the Media Lab, something like this would make me scratch my head – what does this have to do with technology?

Expecting the unexpected

The unexpected is something I’ve come to expect at the Lab. Media-Labbers take risks and find inspiration in unexpected places. I’ve found this to be an important message and one that will certainly stick with me.

To me, the best part of the secondment has been the opportunity to meet and spend time with the people that work here. The researchers bring such passion to their inspiring, world-changing work; and I will certainly miss the hard-working, fun-loving Communications group!

My secondment comes to an end in a few weeks. The time has flown by and while I’m sad to see it end, I’m so excited to welcome in the next Textie and to hear about their experience and to see how the program evolves with the Media Lab.

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