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Celebrating our inspiring women

For International Women’s Day, we asked Texties around the world to tell us which of their colleagues they found most inspiring, and why. Here’s what they had to say.

For International Women’s Day, we asked Texties around the world to tell us which of their colleagues they found most inspiring, and why. Here’s what they had to say.

Maxine Lowden

“Every company needs a Maxine.  She is that bright ray of sunshine that makes your day better as soon as you walk through the door.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and she is always calm, even when she is drowning in expense receipts!

Maxine is the glue that keeps Text100 London together. She always has things covered, be it meeting room clashes or catering for an office party.  Maxine inspires me every day to keep smiling and just get on with it.”

Nicole Fachet

“Working with Nicole is a true learning experience – she simply never fails to uncover a new angle. She’s passionate about her teams and her dedication to developing those she works with (and near) is inspiring. She distills the most complex businesses and industries down to simple but brilliantly descriptive statements and messages. I’m confident Nicole is only just getting started shaping and driving our industry.

Her intelligence and unwavering dedication to high-quality work are truly inspiring.”

Carolina Noguera

“Carolina is a leader people naturally follow, never forceful but always impactful. When she speaks, she gets heard – what she has to say always adds value. She is a technology enthusiast, able to deconstruct it and make it accessible in a way many can’t.

Her ability to read a media landscape and help a business understand its place in it is second to none. Carolina’s commitment to her people and mentorship, both inside and outside our business helps round out a truly inspirational character.”

Shari Roberts

“Shari has been a backbone of Text100 for many years. As our head of HR in North America, she’s an essential part of our business. Shari knows, understands and shapes the culture at Text100, is familiar with pretty much every member of staff (and their families) and regardless of what we have going on, is always caring.

Her sage counsel in times of crisis helps ensures we always do the best by our people and her future-looking perspective on how we tackle emerging trends ensures we always stay one-step ahead.Shari must be one of the most important HR people in our industry and we’re lucky to have her.”

Annemiek Hamelinck

“She is totally badass. Great at her job, demonstrates work/life balance by running like a madwoman, gives me room to grow and encouraging but also is always there for you. I basically want to be her!”

Tara O’Donnell

“Brilliant, frank and so easy to respect. She steadfastly leads our London office and is at the forefront of the Text100 2020 vision of a full-service marketing communications agency.”

Cecile Missildine

“Heading up the Global Insights and Analytics team, Cecile has truly left her mark on Text100. She has an absolutely brilliant analytical mind, is a force in a new business pitches, and few people can think that quickly and convincingly on their feet giving client advice. She’s always patient, respectful, kind and generally just great to have a laugh with on a personal level.”

Mabel Chiang

“This is a nomination from the whole of the senior leadership team out of Singapore. We’d like to call out our Managing Consultant Mabel Chiang for her single-minded dedication to making Text100 Singapore a better and more inclusive workplace. Her commitment to making this workplace one where everyone can realize their dreams and pursue their interests.”

“The hard work she has put into helping every individual shape their own career path, whilst giving them a fair shot at realizing their dreams has created a very positive, empowered culture here at the Text100 Singapore office.”

Mandy Lo

“A former journalist who now supports our PR team as a rockstar consultant at our Text100 Hong Kong office. She’s awesome because she always makes the time to support the team, even those of us who don’t work with her on a day-to-day basis. She doesn’t mind putting in extra hours (in fact she might do it too often) to get her work done (and without any complaints) and especially if she thinks she’ll learn something from the experience.”

Megan Malarkey

“She is smart, thoughtful, dedicated, and fun, even when things can seem the opposite of fun. She’s led so many successful, integrated programs and watching her skills go from PR to PR plus project management of countless creative technology-based campaigns is so motivating for me and others in this office.”

Brittany Margiotta and Kim Macchiarelli

“They are a dynamic duo of media relations geniuses who together inspire me. Every time I turn around, one of them is congratulating the other on some amazing new media hit, or befriending their client due to the great work they do. That’s what I love most about them, though – they encourage and bolster each other, both emotionally and logistically. When things inevitably get rough, and IWD is really about supporting and celebrating other women.

Sam Theobald

“Sam’s an Aussie.  She’s spent almost as much of her life in the UK now but says it’s her Aussie upbringing that make her see the glass half full. She’s ALWAYS happy, and is the director of our people team in EMEA. It’s hard to keep everybody happy at work, juggling your work with the needs of others but Sam continually manages to do this effortlessly. Maybe she’s a robot?”

“In her spare time (between midnight and 4am) Sam works with small businesses that can’t afford People expertise, helping them get things right from day one. Some people may call her crazy, but we prefer to use the term committed.”

Birgit Heinold

“Birgit is just the perfect example why business world will become a better place with more women leaders: She is inspiring, supportive and has a great collaborative leadership style. Also, she values ideas of all Munich Texties and provides amazing ideas and inspiration herself – for client accounts, for employee development and for a great working atmosphere. And did I mention she has great humour, too?

So, that proves it: Women (should) rule the world!

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