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Take advantage of SXSW’s PanelPicker

An inside look at what our clients are up to at SXSW 2019, and how to support them by voting for their panels to be part of the event.

An inside look at what our clients are up to at SXSW 2019, and how to support them by voting for their panels to be part of the event.

What’s SXSW PanelPicker?

The festival’s Chief Programming Officer explains: “PanelPicker connects us with the thousands of creative professionals, experienced experts and informed consumers that make up the global SXSW community. This interface helps us identify the most compelling new ideas within the many different industries we serve and, in so doing, keeps SXSW exciting, timely, and relevant.”

PanelPicker offers a unique opportunity to engage a broad community of influencers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and customers – and gives this community the power to choose who they want to see at the event.

We’ve been working with our clients, from NBCUniversal and Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America to CloudHealth Technologies, to take advantage of this opportunity and develop their panels.

SXSW panels serve as a great platform for innovation and thought leadership and our clients are covering a lot of topics that matter, including: The future of transportation, the fundamentals of earning VC funding, and digital media. We’re pushing boundaries and asking the hard questions, like – “How do we design for a screen-less world?”

Learn more about their panels below and get voting – you’ve only got until August 30th! 

CloudHealth Technologies: “It’s Not Me, It’s You”: On Investor Rejection

Since 2012, CloudHealth Technologies has secured over $86 million in funding, but many have said no. What gives? CTO and Founder, Joe Kinsella, will confront one of the VC’s that rejected him as they engage in a conversation about successes and failures in the quest for funding. Vote here

NBCUniversal: Digital Media Playbook: How to Engage Audiences

As brands and publishers become increasingly digital, this panel will highlight the successes of NBCU’s brands (Bravo, Oxygen, SYFY and USA Network) in this area.

The session will provide insights into how each has significantly expanded audiences through activations like Bravo’s Last Chance Kitchen, the blending of linear and digital worlds through Emmy-nominated interactive activations for USA’s Mr. Robot, Oxygen’s crime-focused podcasts and experiential offerings and how SYFY continues to break new ground with the content it serves genre fans.

The conversation will also explore how industry shifts factor into digital strategies (Facebook Newsfeed updates), and overall context for why a transformative digital strategy is the key to engagement with existing fans and new audiences. Vote here

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America: Tired of The Self-Driving Car Rhetoric? Truck That

All the talk is about self-driving cars, but there should be more attention on self-driving trucks.

Google, Uber, Tesla and a host of start-ups have turned their attention to self-driving truck technology for good reason. Self-driving trucks provide a business model that makes sense because the return on investment could happen faster than with self-driving cars. And it has the potential to touch everyday consumers faster than self-driving cars – even those in rural areas.

A revolution in goods transportation impacts everyone by reducing costs for products we use every day. The role of truck drivers will transform and the trucking industry won’t be hampered by a driver shortage. All of these potential benefits mean we could see self-driving trucks go mainstream before self-driving cars. Vote here

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America: Corporate Innovation from a Silicon Valley Garage

How do you launch a new product from inside a corporate environment when it is radically different from your company’s business-as-usual?

Nick and Fabienne will take you on their journey with Future Transportation to launch a cutting-edge AI product from within the world’s oldest automaker.

Learn about strategies that worked – and failed – to build support, and how to apply these learnings to your team’s future as “intrapreneurs.” Vote here

UTC: The Future of Air Travel is Electric

Electrification is an exciting and inescapable revolution that transcends several industries including aviation. A Jetsons-like future where urban air taxis shuttle us about our day is closer than most think. Companies like United Technologies, Boeing, Airbus and even Uber have been making considerable headway in developing hybrid-electric propulsion systems that will revolutionize air transport. Consumers can look forward to greater flight availability, more predictable service, reduced environmental impact and more affordable fares due to less overhead. In this panel, experts and leaders in aviation technology will discuss the latest advancements in electric aircraft and how they usher in new possibilities for urban air mobility driven by autonomous technology. Vote here

UTC: Designing for Vital Challenges

Companies across every industry are tasked with solving vital challenges – but where do you begin the problem-solving process? Devising an air-ventilation system to protect artwork like Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and determining how best to direct the flow of some 3 million pilgrims on the Hajj are obstacles real teams face. Through the lens of design-thinking, the process begins with clearly identifying the many components of the problem and then turning those challenges into opportunities. Applying an integrated approach to problem-solving, scientists, engineers and designers have developed innovative solutions to tackling the world’s toughest challenges. Vote here

HARMAN: Connected Technologies Build Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are becoming the new norm, integrating technology into our everyday lives. Whether it’s at home, in the car, at the office, or on vacation, consumers’ daily lives are inextricably linked to technology and the personalization it provides.

HARMAN Director of User Experience, Jason Johnson, and MSC Cruises Chief Business Innovation Officer Luca Pronzati will discuss the value of these immersive experiences, and how they can be applied across industries. The key is data and connected technologies relying on 5G and the cloud to create future-proof concierge services that travel with a user so they can always access a personalized experience.

Each speaker will share insights and use cases that any company serving consumers can learn from to implement immersive experiences. Vote here

HARMAN: Offices Without Borders: D&I in the Workplace

From cracking glass ceilings to the growing popularity of open floor plans, corporate barriers everywhere are crumbling. This change is thanks, in part, to younger generations that prefer to work in transparent, collaborative organizations where diversity is not about checking a box, but is an illustration of the integrity of the organization.

In order to continue to break down barriers to entry and avoid unconscious bias, companies must boldly lead and communicate from the top, commit to concrete goals, build a culture focused on respect and inclusiveness and connect with the external community.

Join Sandra Martinez – HARMAN’s VP of Global Talent Management, Diversity and Corporate HR – to learn how to develop, prioritize and implement effective D&I initiatives in any environment. Vote here

HARMAN: Designing for a Screen-less World

Just as technology has developed over the years, so has our relationship with it. As our dependence continues to grow it’s difficult to imagine living in a world that is not bound by devices, but that is where we are headed.

Although different device form factors continue to play a crucial role in our daily lives, consumers will continue to demand options that blend seamlessly with their style. Zero UI – screen-less experiences and invisible interfaces – will go mainstream. The invisible interface trend stands to transform our lives as we know them.

Join Mohan Krishnaraj, HARMAN’s Vice President and Global Head of User Experience, for a comprehensive look at the future of designing with Zero UI in mind. Vote here

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