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Video is basically like Madonna. Except slightly older.

Video is basically like Madonna. Except slightly older.

100 million hours. 10 billion videos. 500 million hours.

That’s how much video content will be consumed on Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube respectively by the end of today.

Video is basically like Madonna. Think about it: Video has changed so much, but never lost its swagger.

From “talkies” in the 1920s; to the first music video in the late 60s; to the dawn of the YouTube age in the early 2000s; the medium formerly known as film has remained at the centre of pop culture, despite huge changes in the way it is made and watched. That’s because it’s an undeniably powerful way to tell a story and get a reaction from an audience.

Today’s demand for video content has grown astronomically, thanks to a surge in mobile consumption and recent advancements like 360 video, VR and AR. Consider some statistics: 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of people watch videos online every day. Even something as simple as using the word “video” in the subject line of your email increases open rates by 19%, and increases click-through rates by 55%.

Marketers need to get into the groove: they’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to engage with an audience hungry for content, despite an extremely cluttered landscape. The main reason audiences are unsatisfied in a sea of content is quality; Videos that strike a meaningful chord with today’s uber-connected, bullsh*t-averse audience are never produced as an afterthought. A well-realised video, relevant to the target audience, will reap good returns. Here’s some best practises to consider:

Invest heavily in pre-production

Pre-production is not to be taken lightly. It’s vital part of video production because it keeps everyone – your director, camera crew, editors – on the same page in terms of building the final product. A comprehensive brief, a strong script and a detailed storyboard will ensure that your brand’s key message will not be diluted or changed in the process.

Grab them in the first 10 seconds

People often stop watching a video within the first few seconds. That’s why it’s important for videos to hook viewers immediately, and give them a strong reason to keep watching. So make sure your videos are entertaining, funny or informative straight from the get-go. Don’t beat around the bush!

Include a call to action

Even if you create a video that’s compelling and engaging from the very start, there’s not much point without a call to action telling the audience what to do afterwards. This could direct viewers to visit your website for more information, sign up for a free product trial or follow your brand on social media.

Embrace technology and make it fun

What’s the point of trying something new if you can’t have fun with it? There are so many exciting new formats to experiment with, but only through experimentation and a keen awareness of your brand will you know what works best for you. For example, 360 videos are a fantastic way to showcase properties and travel destinations, while VR enables your audience to put themselves in the shoes of a person who embodies your brand’s lifestyle.

Every brand has a story, the key is in the telling.

Your words matter, and video is a great way to tell your story. This is why we’re massive video geeks at Text100, because it’s a format that can literally bring your words to life. Here’s an example that we’ve worked on for our recent rebrand

If you’re keen to learn more about the work we do, drop us a line!

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